We are Web Design Team.

We can create easy-to-use websites for all kinds of people, nonprofit organizations and businesses. From portfolio sites for artists and athletes, list-building and content publishing sites, to ecommerce and product sites, I can create a great site for almost any purpose

Who we are.

We are a Family that want to be outside home free. In 2012 I start working has a marketing assistant with all the experience that I got, in 2014 God open the door for me to work from home and take care of our two kids




Content Creator


Developer Jr.


Social Media Jr.


During the knowledge step the customer and designer discuss the mission of the business and what the company hopes to achieve with the website.

Layout & Design:

Once the we have a better understanding of the business, the design work begins. Based on information provided, the web designer will create a design and send it to you for review. The design is worked on until you are 100% satisfied and love the way it looks.


Now that we have a final design we can begin building the actual website. The implementation step consists of creating the content management system, any additional features and integrating the final design. This step is where the website comes to life and you can start using all the features..

Feedback & Launch:

Now that the website is ready we want to hear your final feedback. If there is anything that needs tweaking we will make changes before the site goes live.

How we work.

1 Timeline: Usually projects are completed within 7 to 21 days assuming the Client is available to provide feedback on a daily basis. If the Client is unavailable to provide feedback may push the project completion date back. Failure to submit required information or materials as we request can cause delays in the development.

2 Needed Materials: We will provide with a list of needed materials in order to complete the project.

3 Payment Terms: A 25% deposit for the web design and development work is due at the start of the project. The remaining balance is due immediately upon website completion.